About Curriculum & Instruction

PCA/ACA recognizes the value of the teaching and learning of popular culture.  Our mission to promote the study of popular culture throughout the world of course includes the advancement and support of scholarship in the field.  PCA/ACA, as a pedagogical leader, encourages academic discourse and the sharing of resources for the development of popular culture departments, programs and courses.

The Curriculum and Instruction site serves as an authority for those members seeking guidance as they build new programs or enhance existing ones, as well as improving and updating courses and materials. PCA/ACA provides  information necessary to educate our colleagues and administrators about the academic rigor of popular culture and its necessity in the liberal arts curriculum. The site offers evidence of the merit and value of the discipline in the academy.

Visitors will find this to be a central online location where educators can search materials or similar curricula to reference or consult as they expand and enrich the field.  The PCA/ACA community of scholars are encouraged to share current syllabi, reading lists and links as well as participate in discussions that further inter-disciplinary critical thinking and scholarly exchange.

The PCA/ACA Curriculum and Instruction site provides general support for the field and is an evolving repository of creative and successful ideas and resources trending in the field to expand and improve upon instruction and teaching practices.