Asian Popular Culture

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Call for Papers, Asian Popular Culture

Papers are solicited for the Asian Popular Culture section of Popular Culture Association conference in Seattle, WA., March 22-25, 2016.

Please submit BEFORE OCTOBER 1, 2015, your full name, affiliation, position, paper title, and mailing address to the PCA database and to John A. Lent ([email protected]). Once you have done that, submit a 150 word abstract to me and the PCA database, again before Oct. 1, 2015. Please read the attached email carefully.

Thank you.

John A. Lent, chair, Asian Popular Culture

  1. If you have not already done so, please update your CFP for the PCA/ACA website.  This is particularly important with the earlier deadline for submissions (October 1) and the different start day for the conference.  The dates are Tuesday, March 22 through Friday, March 25.
  1. Brendan Riley has asked that I remind you if you have any international participants who need a Visa letter, please have them contact him ([email protected]) with their name, institutional affiliation and position, their paper title and subject area, and mailing address.
  1. Please make sure that submitters have COMPLETELY filled out their contact information in the database BEFORE you accept their presentations.  This includes their full name, affiliation, and e-mail address.  As picky as it is otherwise, for some reason, the database submission system doesn’t catch these omissions and incomplete information makes for more unnecessary work later.

Please send all inquires to: