Disability Studies (Special Topics Area)

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New for 2017! CFP: Disability Studies (Special Topics Area)


CFP: Disability Studies (PCA/ACA, San Diego, California, April 12-15, 2017)

New for 2017! CFP: Disability Studies (Special Topics)

According to the United Nations, disabled individuals make up 15% of the global population and are the largest minority group. The portrayal of people with disabilities is hugely important. How, when, why, and where they are portrayed has enormous impact on how they are regarded in society. (U.N., 2015)

We welcome proposals exploring cultural, social and historical perspectives, as well as artistic representation (e.g. visual/performing arts), practical, political, or pedagogical concerns, and submissions that apply Disability Studies in conjunction with another theoretical approach (e.g. feminist theory, semiotics, social theory).

Potential topics could include, but are not limited to:

  • Disability & Representation in Media
  • Disability & Education
  • Disability in Literature or Art
  • Disability & Gender/Race
  • Disability & Superheroes
  • Disability & Self Image
  1. Codifying Disability Practice: Institutions and the Ever-Changing World of Disability.

Twenty-five plus years after the implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, what are the new frontiers in health care and policy that are shaping disability practice? How does the field engage and challenge “best practices” and where do policy makers, health care proponents and activists meet, agree and disagree on the future of Americans with disabilities?

  1. Film and Media and Disability.

Cultural production and the media have played a key role in shaping disability discourses. What are the contributions to film and media to date, and where are these mediums leading us, and how are they being shaped by larger cultural shifts? What are some of the seminal, and newest contributions that will shape the field in the future?

  1. The Culture(s) and Theory of Disability.

From its very beginnings, the theory of disability has been shaped both by the manifold cultures of disability, and by the embodiment of disability. What are the newest impacts, or what is the status of disability theory, and how does it respond, for instance, to trends in Gender Studies or Animal Studies?

  1. Disability, Health Care, and Mental Health/PTSD/CPTSD and Disability.

What are the intersections, insights and outcomes of the latest treatments in health care, theory, and disability studies in dealing with mental health, and in particular, with PTSD and CPTSD? What are the challenges facing all parties dealing with this crisis, and what are the most promising of the many different approaches to this area of Mental Health?

Who can submit?  Proposals may come from individual faculty, undergraduate or gradu­ate students, professionals, or independent scholars.

What do I submit?

200-300 word abstract/proposal.

You must include your name, your email address, and (if applicable) your academic affiliation.

Where do I submit?

Items must be submitted through the PCA database, http://ncp.pcaaca.org/.

PCA requires pro­posals be submitted to only one subject area at a time.

When is the due date for paper/presentation proposals?

October 1, 2016

Where/When is the conference?

San Diego, CA

April 11-15, 2017

Inquiries may be directed to the Special Topics Area Chair:

Bruce E. Drushel, Ph.D.
VP Programming & Area Chairs, PCA/ACA
[email protected]


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Disabilities topic coordinators:

Michelle Martínez
Associate Professor, Sam Houston State University
[email protected]


Claude Desmarais,
Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus
[email protected]