Folklore and Popular Culture

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The Folklore and Popular Culture Area Chair of the PCA/ACA invites interested scholars to submit papers on any aspect of folklore and popular culture.  We seek to examine the connections between folklore and popular culture, and papers regarding any aspect of these intersections are encouraged. Full panel presentations will also be considered.

Possible themes for papers/panels include but are not restricted to:

· The Influence of Folklore on any literary work(s), film(s), music, etc.
· Folklore in/and/as Popular Culture
· Folklore and Religion
· The difference between oral and literary sources of tradition
· Women in Folklore
· Folklore and Scripture
· Folklore and Epic
· Illustrators/Illustration of folklore
· Whimsy in folklore
· Analogies between folklore and film
· Symbolism in folklore
· The relationship between folklore and literary or other history

More information on the conference can be found on the PCA website.

Interested presenters should submit their abstracts by clicking here.

Please send all inquires to:

Dr. Kathryn Edney, Regis College