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 Special Topics Area, Genealogy: GENEALOGY


Interested scholars are invited to submit papers for the 2017 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Annual Conference in San Diego, California, April 12-15, 2017 Special Topics Area, Genealogy.

Academics studying and writing on American popular culture might examine genealogy within the context of television and literary disciplines, library and archival disciplines, American and public history disciplines, museum studies, or folklore. Proposals for papers or panel presentations regarding any aspect of these or other connections would be welcome.

Possible themes for papers/panels include but are not restricted to:

  • DNA in genealogy
  • Comparison of different genealogy television programs
  • Comparison of US genealogy television programs with British or Canadian programs
  • Study of the motivations for researching family history
  • Religious aspect of family history (e.g., LDS church)
  • The monetary impact of the business of genealogy
  • Redefining genealogy: from elitist pursuit to the Roots phenomenon
  • Fiction or non-fiction: when genealogists write the family story
  • Genealogy in mystery novels
  • The fate of the FitzRoys and Royal Bastards if DNA had been discovered in 1100 AD
  • Serendipity in genealogy
  • Comparing “traditional” research methods with “Internet Genealogy”
  • Ethnic studies in genealogy
  • Ephemera as family history evidence
  • Victorian obituaries and death stories
  • The relationship between genealogy and history or law or medicine

Please submit a 100 to 250 word abstract on your proposed topic to the PCA website as described here:

Potential participants do not need to be members to submit proposals; however, membership in PCA/ACA and registration for the conference are required in order to present.

Please send all inquiries to:

Bruce E. Drushel, Ph.D.
VP Programming & Area Chairs, PCA/ACA