Mental Health & Mental Illness

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Mental Health and Mental Illness In Popular Culture
2017 Popular PCA/ACA Conference


San Diego, April 12-15, 2017

The Mental Health division enthusiastically welcomes all of the interested persons to present on topics which include popular culture and mental health/illness. Previous papers have addressed: literature, film, music, politics, religion, psychological theory, research and more.

In short, the division concerns itself with the ways in which popular culture both reflects and shapes the nature of our psychology.

Please consider submitting a 150-350 word abstract by October 1st, 2016 through the online database on a topic that intersects mental health, mental illness and popular culture, to

For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me through my contact information below.

Eric M. Greene, Ph.D.
Los Angeles, CA 90212
610 639 3979
[email protected]