Proposing a Presentation at the Conference

  1. Explore our Subject Areas:
    PCA/ACA scholars present within subject areas, each organized by a Chair or Co-Chairs.  Click here to visit the Subject Areas page.
  2. Select one Area:
    Due to limited space and time, presenters may only give one paper at the conference. We welcome fresh approaches to subjects that maintain our commitment to scholarship and to professional presentation.
  3. Craft a proposal:
    Write a 100 to 250 word abstract on your proposed topic.  Be as specific as you can, even if your project is still gestating.
  4. Submit your proposal online:
    Go to  Instructions for logging in and submitting proposals appear on the home screen of the site.

    • Submitting panels – presenters must submit their papers individually (ideally noting that they’re part of a panel and listing the names of their co-panelists), and then the organizer should email the area chair to let them know you intend to present together.
    • Multiple submissions – You may only present one paper at the conference.  See our exceptions page for details.
    • Cut and Paste – Please avoid special characters when possible, especially in titles.  If you use Word, please click the “Paste from Word” button to clean up the text before you paste.
  5. Receive your response:
    You should hear back about your proposal within two to three weeks. If the wait goes longer, first contact the Area Chair, and then, if no response, contact Bruce Drushel, the PCA/ACA VP of Area Chairs, ( He may be able to expedite a definitive answer.
  6. Register and reserve accommodations:
    You can find links to register and reserve your hotel room on our Conference Details page.
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