Submit an Opportunity

The PCA/ACA Opportunities page provides information for our members divided among several categories.  Individuals interested in submitting opportunities to our site should consult the table below to see specific requirements for submissions:

Category Description Fee
Conferences  CFPs and announcements for conferences relevant to PCA/ACA members.  Free
Programs  Announcements and advertisements for academic programs and workshops or other events. PCA members – Free
Non-members – $125 / year
External Grants  Announcements and advertisements for grants and contests. PCA members – Free
Non-members – $125 / year
Publications  CFPs and announcements soliciting participants in publishing opportunities.  Free
Announcements  Book advertisements and similar announcements. PCA members – Free
Non-members – $125 / year
Job Ads  Advertisements for jobs in fields relevant to PCA/ACA members. $150

*All opportunities are subject to review and approval by the VP of Curriculum, Elwood Watson.  To reach him directly, contact* Not all submissions will be posted.

To submit an opportunity to be considered for the PCA/ACA Opportunities list, fill out the contact form below. If your opportunity is accepted, it will be posted or you will be contacted regarding payment. If you have a flyer for interested parties to download, check the appropriate box below and we will ask you for it by email.