Posting Calls for Papers

The best way to increase the number of good panel submissions is to send out a Call for Papers (CFP), describing the panel topic.

Places to Post

Subject Area Chairs may wish to post a Call For Papers notice to the H-Net listserv site, an international source of information for scholars. For H-Net information, click on the H-PCAACA Discussion List at left in the blue margin area. Information about H-Net appears, along with a link for posting announcements.

Below are listservs that might suit your subject area. Some require signing up with the listserv. Follow the directions at the site for placing a CFP with the server.

Regardless of where Area CFP’s are posted, please post CFPs as soon as possible.  We ask that all CFPs be updated on the PCA/ACA site by August 15th of the year prior to the conference.

Key information for your CFP
    • PCA/ACA 2014 National Conference in Chicago, Illinois
    • Your Area’s title
    • Scope of the paper topics accepted under this area (usually, the broader the scope, the greater number of submissions)..
    • Submission requirements:
        • abstract only (recommended) or full paper
        • number of words required for either (usually 100 – 250 words for abstract).
        • link to the submissions database site (
    • Deadline for submission: November 1st
    • Your Contact information:  (We recommend using your professional contact information.)
        • Name
        • Address
        • Email
        • Phone