Tarot and Other Methods of Divination

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The “Tarot and Other Methods of Divination” area is open to proposals for papers on a diverse range of divination methods: astrology, I Ching, runes, tarot, etc. Approaches may include the biographical, historical, and theoretical, as well as the analysis of professional practice and of representations in literature (poetry, prose, drama), visual art (painting, sculpture, tarot cards, comics, graphic novels), film, television, games, etc.

In addition, I am looking for participants in the following 2017 sessions:

  1. Tarot Poetry and Prose (authors reading and discussing their own work).
  1. Speaking with the Divine: Spirit Communication through Divination. Session participants will share their research about the interactions between divinatory tools (Tarot cards, “spirit” or Ouija boards, pendulums, pens/automatic writing, gazing implements, bibliomancy, etc.) and spirit communication. They may consider, among other subjects, the historical and cultural analysis of “things” as they intersect with traditions of spirit communication and fortune-telling; representations of spirit communication in conjunction with divination in literature, visual arts, film, and television; and space and place as a tool for spirit communication and fortune-telling. Session proposal and chair: Cynthia Hogan.
  1. Divination Themes in Literature. Authors of papers that specifically address divination themes in mythopoeic literature are invited to submit their work to a themed issue of Mythlore (see my website).

All conference participants should be prepared to present their work as scholarly research and/or for the benefit of an interested audience of academics.

Abstracts and proposals due no later than Oct. 1, 2016

Submissions should be made online at http://ncp.pcaaca.org.  You can find detailed instructions for doing so here and should include your CV, short biography (100-150 words), and abstract (100-250 words).

For general information about the conference, see this website. I have also posted a frequently-asked-questions page on my website with additional recommendations pertinent to the area. Please feel free to contact me if you have other questions or would like to discuss your presentation.

Emily E. Auger, PhD
Independent Scholar
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