War After 1945

All Proposals & Abstracts Must Be Submitted Through The PCA Database.
Please submit a proposal to only one area at a time. Exceptions and rules


War After 1945:  Literature, History, Culture, and the Arts

  • We invite papers about all wars after 1945:  Korea, Vietnam, Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan; and peacekeeping missions and involvement in Europe, Central America, Africa, and the Middle-East.
  • We invite writers and artists of original fiction, poetry, drama, art, and music.
  • We encourage all perspectives:  North American, Central American, Northeast Asian, Southeast Asian, and Middle-Eastern.
  • All approaches will be honored:  scholarly, interdisciplinary, multicultural, film, literature, history, sociology, political science, linguistics, ethnicity, folklore, and oral history.

Submit a 250-word abstract, including the title of the paper, to the PCA Database.  You may also submit a proposal for a complete panel.

For each presenter, include name, department and university affiliation (if appropriate), mailing address, phone number(s), and e-mail address.

Please send all inquires to:

Renate W. Prescott, Ph.D.
Kent State University at Geauga
(440) 834-3721
[email protected]