PCA ACA Leadership



Sue Matheson | University College of the North | [email protected]


Vice President/President Elect 

Sherry Ginn | Independent Scholar | [email protected]


Vice President for Area Chairs

Nicole Freim | Southwestern Oregon Community College |  [email protected]


Vice President for Awards

Brenda Boudreau | McKendree University | [email protected]


Vice President for Diversity

Elwood Watson | East Tennessee State University | [email protected]


Board Chair

Colleen Karn | Methodist College | [email protected]



Elizabeth (Beth) Downey |Mississippi State University | [email protected]



Tiffany Weaver | Shippensburg University | [email protected]


Trustees At-Large

Jennifer Atkins | Florida State University | [email protected]

Peter Cullen Bryan | Clemson University | [email protected]

Colin Helb | Elizabethtown College | [email protected]

David Moody | Lake Erie College | [email protected]

Debbie Phillips | Muskingum College | [email protected]

Robin Reid | Independent Scholar | [email protected]

Ex-Officio Board Members

Editor,  Journal of American Culture

Carl Sederholm | Brigham Young University | [email protected]


Editor,  Journal of POPULAR Culture

Novotny Lawrence | Iowa State University | [email protected]


Endowment Committee Chair

Philip Simpson  | Eastern Florida State College | [email protected]


Digital Media Director

Melissa Vosen Callens | North Dakota State University | [email protected]


Graduate Student Representative

Lily Kunda | University of Texas at Austin | [email protected]



Gary Burns | Northern Illinois University | [email protected]


Past President

Kathy Merlock Jackson | Virginia Wesleyan University | [email protected]


Endowment Committee

Endowment Committee Chair

Philip Simpson  | Eastern Florida State College | [email protected]


Committee Persons

Diane Calhoun-French | Jefferson Community & Technical College | [email protected]

Bruce Drushel | Miami University | [email protected]

David Feldman | Independent Scholar | [email protected]

Sherry Ginn | Independent Scholar | [email protected]

Kathy Merlock Jackson | Virginia Wesleyan College | [email protected]

Camille McCutcheon | University of South Carolina Upstate | [email protected]

Yuya Kiuchi | Michigan State University | [email protected]