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Call for papers: 

Advertising area

Popular Culture Association (PCA) National Conference

June 2-5, 2021




The advertising area of PCA is considering proposals for sessions organized around a theme, special panels, and/or individual papers.  Sessions are typically scheduled in 1½ hour slots, usually with four papers or speakers per standard session.  Presentations should not exceed 15 minutes in those instances.

The division is eager to receive proposals concerning many salient issues in the evolution of message delivery for persuasion and branding, especially in the area of online advertising, social media relationships, and virtue signaling. Advertisements in some traditional media has dropped off, but targeted messaging grows exponentially at the same time. Papers are also welcome, perhaps in the critical tradition, on the colossal powerhouses in data analytics such as Google, Amazon, and controversially, Facebook.  Because the algorithms now permit intimate intrusion, issues of privacy and advertising are also salient as are any other proposals where culture and advertising intersect.

Submissions may be an abstract only or a full paper with word limits set by the submission page.

 Submissions will only be accepted through the PCA website, and individuals must be current in their membership to be considered.

Should you or any of your colleagues be interested in submitting a proposal or have any questions, please contact:

Christopher Swindell, Ph.D.
Professor, Journalism
W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications
Marshall University
Huntington, WV  25701
M 304-541-0002  swindell@marshall.edu






2022 Conference Dates and Deadlines

01Aug-21 2022 Conference Information Available on website
01-Sept-21 Submissions Open 
01-Oct-21 Early Bird Registration Begins
15-Nov-21 Deadline for Paper Proposals and Grant Applications
16-Dec-21 Early Bird Registration Ends; Regular Registration Begins
01-Jan-22 Regular Registration Ends
02-Jan-22 Preliminary Schedule Available
01-Feb-22 Registration for Presenters End; Those not registered by the Date Will be Dropped From the Program
01-Apr-22 Online Non-presenter Registration Ends
April 13-16, 2022

PCA Conference in Seattle, WA


All presenters must be current, paid members of the PCA and registered for the conference. Non-presenters who attend the full conference must also pay membership fees.

To attend the National Conference, members must pay the membership fee and the registration fee.   

The last day for all refunds is February 15, 2022. No refund requests will be honored after this date. Membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Please check back soon for 2022 conference updates.





Area chairs

Christopher Lee Swindell