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The Asian Popular Culture area was started in 1996 by John A. Lent, at a time when there were virtually no areas in the PCA that dealt with non-United States regions and countries. Interest in Asian popular culture has exploded in the 21st Century through the steady growth of Japanese manga and anime, the Korean Wave, the Chinese government’s huge funding of animation and manhua, and the overall development of various aspects of popular culture elsewhere in East, Southeast, and South Asia.

Asian popular culture is in line with popular culture generally, meaning it includes any aspect of a country’s culture that is or has been popular–e.g., media forms, sports, comics, music, architecture, dance, street culture, vehicle decoration, movie posters, etc., actually most topics that other PCA areas emphasize, such as poetry, literature, alcohol culture, grave markets, porn, etc.

There is no preference for papers dealing with specific themes and theories. In fact, more papers on out-of-the-ordinary topics are encouraged.

An abstract of 150 words, give or take a few words, should be sent to the PCA submissions database before the deadline listed below, and should include the presenter’s full name, affiliation, and at least an email address. Please be as specific as possible within the word quota, ensuring that the topic you have chosen is clear to the reader.

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2023 Conference Dates and Deadlines

15 Aug-22                                            2022 Conference Information Available on Website
15 Sept-22 Submissions Open 
07 Oct-22 Early Bird Registration Begins
10 Jan-23 Deadline for Paper Proposals
4 Jan-23 Early Bird Registration Ends for Presenters
5 Jan-23 Regular Registration Begins for Presenters
19 Jan-23 Regular Registration Ends for Presenters
20 Jan-23 Late Registration Starts for Presenters
1 Feb-23 Late Registration Ends for Presenters; Those Presenters Not Registered by the Date Will be Dropped From the Program; Registration Continues for Nonpresenters
10 Feb-23 Preliminary Schedule Available
17 Mar-23 Registration Ends for Nonpresenters
 5-8 April-23

conference in San ANTONIO, TX


All presenters must be current, paid members of the PCA and registered for the conference. Non-presenters who attend the full conference must also pay membership fees.

To attend the National Conference, members must pay the membership fee and the registration fee. Membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Submit a Paper Proposal for the 2023 PCA Conference: 

Submissions for paper proposals are now open. The submission deadline is December 20, 2022. Please be sure you read and understand all instructions, policies, and procedures before you submit your proposal. 






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