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The Communication and Digital Culture Area hosts presentations and panels that explore human communication in an increasingly digital landscape. This area hosts a wide spectrum of presentations that interrogate how rhetorics and communication practices obtain, evolve, and emerge in relationship to contemporary exigencies, such as developments in social media, digitized workplaces, electronic consumerism, entertainment, etc. The Communication and Digital Culture Area is an inclusive, transdisciplinary group that has regularly featured scholars from the arts, new media, technology, communication, and rhetorical studies.

2023 Call for Presentations
“CTRL/ALT/DEL: The Shaping of Our Digital Cultures”

The Communication and Digital Culture Area of Popular Culture Association is seeking submissions for presentations dealing with “The Shaping of Our Digital Cultures” for the 2023 National PCAACA Conference. Submissions should thoughtfully address factors that direct, limit, include or exclude participation, restrict or “push” information, or otherwise shape digital cultures.

Topics for presentations and panels might include:

  • institutional control of information, (e.g. governments, organizations, Russia/Ukraine)
  • the role of metadata tagging in news media,
  • the power of algorithms in streaming entertainment, (e.g. Spotify, Pandora, Netflix)
  • alternative taxonomies: folksonomies, tagging, influencers,
  •  “big social media” (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram) issues and actions,
  • cancel culture, Facebook jail, and other forms of deletion.

Submissions: Submit a 250-word proposal via the PCA interface.

For additional information, contact the Communication and Digital Culture Area Chair:

Randy D. Nichols, PhD
Limestone University
Gaffney, SC 29340

[email protected]

Submit a Paper Proposal for the 2023 PCA Conference: 

Submissions for paper proposals are now open. The submission deadline is December 20, 2022. Please be sure you read and understand all instructions, policies, and procedures before you submit your proposal. 






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