Cultural Adaptation

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Call for papers: 

Call for PCA 2019 (Washington DC, 4/17-4/20)

**Deadline for proposals: 1 October, 2018**

Cross-Cultural Adaptations


Our theme for next year will center on cross-cultural adaptations. Globalization permeates every facet of our lives, and adaptation is certainly a facet of our lives! But more than simple imports, cross-cultural adaptations give us an opportunity to explore ever-shifting notions of national identity, class, history, and many other things. So what’s going on in the Chinese adaptation of Blood Simple, or the Indian adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, or the Japanese version of Unforgiven or the American remake of Oldboy (which was a Korean adaptation of a Japanese manga)? You tell us! Which is to say, we invite papers that consider any and all forms of cross-cultural adaptation.

As always, we consider “adaptation” as much a reading strategy as a way of constructing texts, or as much a way of looking at texts as a particular brand of texts. Thus, beyond the focus of this call, we also welcome papers on any and all aspects of what you read and conceive of as adaptation.


Contact Glenn Jellenik (gjellenik@uca.edu)  or David L. Moody, Ph.D. dmoody@lec.edu   with questions.

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