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The Ecology and Culture Area of the Popular Culture/American Culture Association is soliciting papers on Perspectives on the Future of the Planet in Popular Culture for the 2023 annual conference.


World leaders came together at the beginning of November 2021 in a “conference of parties” for the 26th year in succession where climate change and its ecological consequences were discussed, debated and reviewed in an effort to harness global coordinated action. However, COP26, and its Paris Agreement (arising from COP21), have sustained little more than rhetoric over action and political posturing over coherent consensus in a world that continues to struggle with the direct consequences of the profound effects of pollution and factory farming on the planet.


For the PCA conference in 2023, we want to consider how popular culture has responded to visions of a possible future resulting from failed international cooperation to combat climate change and the ways in which documentary as well as fictive dystopias have been provoked by a global failure to adequately engage with the ecological crisis of the Anthropocene epoch.


Abstracts of papers exploring politics and ecology on any of the following or related topics are welcome:

  • Podcasts as ecological activism
  • Sport and ecological activism
  • Popular festivals and the climate emergency
  • “Net zero” in popular culture
  • Ecological futures and visual art (paintings, photography, film, for example)
  • Ecological futures and fiction
  • Ecological futures and race
  • Ecological futures and sexuality
  • Ecological futures and disability
  • Ecological futures and documentary
  • Ecological futures and health
  • Ecological futures on film and television
  • Ecological futures and comedy (such as stand-up)
  • Ecological futures and tragedy
  • Ecological futures and theater
  • Ecological futures and religion or spirituality
  • Ecological futures and popular music


Sessions are scheduled in 1½ hour slots, typically with four papers or speakers per standard session. Presentations should not exceed 15 minutes. Working professionals, scholars, educators, and graduate students are all encouraged to submit.


Interested individuals are asked to submit an abstract of no more than 250 words (including presentation title) and complete contact information (name, institutional affiliation, mail and e-mail addresses, and contact telephone number) to http://conference.pcaaca.org.



2023 Conference Dates and Deadlines

15 Aug-22                                            2022 Conference Information Available on Website
15 Sept-22 Submissions Open 
07 Oct-22 Early Bird Registration Begins
10 Jan-23 Deadline for Paper Proposals
4 Jan-23 Early Bird Registration Ends for Presenters
5 Jan-23 Regular Registration Begins for Presenters
19 Jan-23 Regular Registration Ends for Presenters
20 Jan-23 Late Registration Starts for Presenters
1 Feb-23 Late Registration Ends for Presenters; Those Presenters Not Registered by the Date Will be Dropped From the Program; Registration Continues for Nonpresenters
10 Feb-23 Preliminary Schedule Available
17 Mar-23 Registration Ends for Nonpresenters
 5-8 April-23

conference in San ANTONIO, TX


All presenters must be current, paid members of the PCA and registered for the conference. Non-presenters who attend the full conference must also pay membership fees.

To attend the National Conference, members must pay the membership fee and the registration fee. Membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Submit a Paper Proposal for the 2023 PCA Conference: 

Submissions for paper proposals are now open. The submission deadline is December 20, 2022. Please be sure you read and understand all instructions, policies, and procedures before you submit your proposal. 






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