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Call for papers: 


The PCA Film Area requests titles and brief abstracts for presentations on all aspects of film studies, including but not limited to studies of individual films; specific genre, actors, directors, screenwriters, themes, etc.; adaptation to (and from) film regarding any specific film or regarding any other media, such as the novel or short story, drama, TV series, comic books, and so on; sound and score; film history; film theory; film techniques; ideological, sociological, psychological, structural, and political aspects of film; and various national cinemas (that is, individual or characteristic films from, say, India or Japan, for example). 


The area frequently assembles 3-and 4-paper sessions on such general topics as Film Adaptation; Women in Film, Masculinity in Film, or Gender in Film; film noir, science fiction, westerns, and other film genre; specific directors and actors; foreign films and the cinema of specific nations; thematic content of all kinds; sex in films; violence in films; film history; film theory; cinematic techniques and strategies.


Submit abstracts of 150 – 250 words to this site.

Please send all inquires to:

Donald E. Palumbo
English Dept.
East Carolina Univ.
Greenville, NC 27858

Area chairs