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Call for papers: 

Internet Culture

CALL FOR PAPERS: PCA 2021 National Conference  (June 2-5, 2021) 


The Internet Culture Area of the Popular Culture Association invites proposals for individual papers, panels, roundtables, and alternative format presentations for the 2021 National Conference , June 2-5, 2021. Proposals should explore Internet Culture as it relates to popular culture including, but not limited to:

  • Social Media
  • Mobility
  • Apps/Applications
  • Digital Marketing
  • The Internet & Social Change
  • Participatory Culture & the Internet
  • Internet Celebrity & Fame
  • Cross Media Convergence
  • Memes, Trends, & Viral Culture
  • Creative Industries
  • Digital Distribution, Technology, & Ownership
  • Specific Sites (Snapchat, Reddit, 4Chan, etc.)
  • Local, Global, & Glocal Internet Culture
  • Web Development & Design
  • History, Present State, & Future of the Internet

Submit a 250-word proposal to the PCA Database at https://pcaaca.org/conference. Please note that there is an additional mandatory form for supplementary information. The form is located at https://forms.gle/1zj2SGbyYaHw99FE7. Only those who submit both the proposal and the supplementary information form will be considered for inclusion in the Internet Culture area.


While we recognize that many areas of the PCA/ACA conference deal with issues related to the Internet and Internet culture, the goals of the Internet Culture area are (1) to explore aspects of popular culture that are inherently tied to the Internet, new media communications, emerging technologies, social media, and related areas and (2) to create an interactive environment by embracing the changing nature of conference interactivity to include social media.


Please send all inquiries to both:


Colin Helb, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Communications

Elizabethtown College






Mary Beth Ray, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Communications & Media Studies

Plymouth State University




2021 Conference Dates and Deadlines

13-Aug-20 Submission Page Goes Live
28-Feb-28 Deadline for Proposals
10-Apr-21 Presenter Registration Ends at 11:59 pm: Non-registrants Dropped from Program
11-Apr-21 Non-presenter Registration Continues Through the Conference
15-Apr-21 Preliminary Schedule Available

June 2-5, 2021 

Virtual Conference


All presenters must be current, paid members of the PCA and registered for the conference. Non-presenters who attend the full conference must also pay membership fees.  

The last day for all refunds is February 15, 2021. No refund requests will be honored after this date. Membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.












Area chairs

Mary Beth Ray

Colin Helb