Literature, Politics, & Society

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Call for papers: 

Call for papers on any topic dealing with literature, politics, and society, such as cultural contexts, academic relationships, avant-garde and postmodern perspectives, post-Marxist and post-feminist, as well as Marxist and Feminist perspectives. Also, the following general areas are suggested as examples for paper or session proposals: the political contexts for period works, the politics of authorship, political aspects of literary renderings, politics in specific literary works, the politics of specific authors, politics of theory (such as new historicism, psychoanalytic perspectives, deconstruction, in addition to those suggested above), the politics of ethnicity; representation of political figures and topics in literature; hidden political agendas; political assumptions of a work or an oeuvre or literary movement; political satire; the rhetoric of revolution; the revolutionary as heroine or hero; political ideology; political climate of a period as reflected in its literature; the politics of war and peace in literature; character choice as political choice; apolitical evasions; political vs. aesthetic approaches; regionalism; the political assumptions of readers, etc.


For those of you familiar with the Literature and Politics sessions, I invite you to return this year, and would encourage those who attend regularly to consider putting together session proposals. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this process.


Submissions must include the following to be considered:

  • Submit 250 word proposals to this site. Include your Paper title (please keep these concise, they may be trimmed for economy)
  • Complete name and academic title (academic rank, grad. student, etc.) and Academic affiliation and address, that is complete dept. and institution, with city, state, and zip code. Make sure you include Phone numbers: office and home numbers if possible (if I cannot reach you, you may be dropped from the proposed session)
  • Email address for each participant; I need at least one working email address for everyone. Please make sure your email address is correct. If your email address changes, you are responsible for notifying the Area Chair immediately.

For Session Proposals include (3-4 papers)

  • a) titles and abstracts of papers for EACH MEMBER of your session,
  • b) chair’s name and session title
  • c) All required information for each participant as listed below. Organizers of sessions are responsible for each member’s complete information and panels will not be considered without it.

Be sure you supply all the above information, and please be sure to include phone numbers and email addresses where you can be reached. If you have a problems submitting a proposal through this site, please notify the area chairs immediately.


DO NOT FAX submissions to Sewall Academic Program. Call 303-823-6453 if you have a deadline problem.


Please secure funding and be prepared to commit to the conference dates before submitting a proposal. If you are a graduate student, do not submit a proposal unless you have funds and can commit to the conference dates.


2020 Conference Dates and Deadlines


August 1, 2019                 Submission Page Goes Live
October 1, 2019               Early Bird Registration Rate Opens
November 1, 2019           Deadline for Paper Proposals and Endowment  Grants
December 1, 2019           Early Bird Registration Rate Ends
January 1, 2020               Regular Registration Rate Ends
January 2, 2020               Late Registration Rate Begins
January 15, 2020             Brigman and Jones Awards Deadline
January 20, 2020             Preliminary Schedule Available
February 1, 2020             Presenter Registration Deadline – participants who have not registered are removed from the program.

February 2, 2020              Registration ends for presenters at midnight.
April 15-18, 2020              National Conference

All presenters must be current, paid members of the PCA and fully  registered for the conference.

Refund requests must be submitted in writing. Full or partial refunds will be processed according to the following schedule:
Requested by Jan. 1: 100% refund
Requested by Jan. 15: 75% refund
Requested by Jan. 25: 50% refund
Requested by Feb. 1: 25% refund
After Feb. 1: 0% refund

Membership fees are not refundable.

Area chairs