Men and Men’s Studies

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Call for papers: 

Proposals on any aspect of men, men’s studies, and/or masculinities are welcomehowever, the following topics are of particular interest:

  • Men or masculinities in popular culture, especially TV, film, video games, or the Internet
  • Men’s studies and feminisms/women’s studies
  • The study of masculinities in literary and/or cultural studies
  • Male sexualities
  • Female masculinities
  • LGBTQIA Masculinities
  • Media representations of men and their relationships
  • Cross-cultural comparisons of traditional male gender roles and patterns of male/female or male/male friendship
  • Contextual analyses of male/masculine experiences
  • Explorations of the “conscious or unconscious forces that shape men’s lives” and analyses of their applications to bio-medical, sociocultural, and/or psycho-therapeutic intervention programs
  • Masculinities and politics and/or Donald Trump


Presentations with a visual element (handout, video clips, PowerPoint, etc.) are appreciated!

Make sure to submit your proposal of 150-250 words.

Area chairs