Religion and Culture

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Call for papers: 

The Religion and Popular Culture area investigates the intersection of religion and popular culture. “Religion” here is broadly defined, including official, vernacular, explicit and implicit forms, sacred texts and spaces, practices and performances, identities, materiality and more.


The Religion and Popular Culture area is interested in presentations about particular ways in which religion inhabits or informs products of popular culture (literature, film, television, social media, music, fashion, issues, trends and so forth). We also explore how religions and/or religious people reject, appropriate and otherwise interact with popular culture and its productions. While the area is open to scholarship on any religious tradition or historical era, specificity is preferred over generality.


We look forward to informed discussion of Religion and Popular culture, including presentations that enable participants to think enthusiastically and critically about our topic and what we mean by the categories we employ. However, while social critique and celebration are a vital part of this intellectual exercise, Religion and Popular Culture panels are not “pulpits” for the promotion of religion or particular religions nor are they platforms to attack religion or particular religions.


You are invited to propose individual papers, a full panel, or a roundtable discussion. Creative alternative formats for presentation are also welcome. If you have any questions or want to sound out

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