Westerns and the West

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Call for papers: 

The area Westerns and the West values a variety of approaches to the exploration of America’s frontier heritage and mythology.


Topics range from Westerns as novels, films, and television shows to historical, ethnic and racial, musical, and gender studies of the Old West.  Panelists have also included contemporary themes, such as studying the environment of the modern ranches or exploring other film subgenres as outgrowths of the Western.  Several researchers have expressed an interest in Westerns and Western items for children as well as rodeo studies as part of popular culture.  Generally, the Westerns panels as a whole reflect a balanced study of fact and fiction, a variety of genres, and inclusion of diverse cultures populating the frontier.


Please submit an abstract of about 150 words to identify the focus of your research.  Specific details will enable me to place your paper on an appropriate panel.  Do include your name, college affiliation, address, email, and other relevant contact information for my use.


I will notify you of acceptance within two weeks of receiving your proposal so that you can apply to another area if needed.  In late December, I will then send panelists a complete outline of the Westerns panels to enable presenters to view each panel as a unit, rather than as a random collection of presenters.

Area chairs