Audio Visual Support

Audio Visual Support

The following AV equipment will be standard in each presentation room (except for special conference events):


    VGA cable

    Presentation rooms will be equipped with the following: LCD data projector, speakers, and projection screen.  We will supply a standard VGA cable and a standard 3.5mm Audio cable.  You must supply your own equipment to attach to these cables.

  2. The PCA conference organizers strongly encourage each presenter using digital media to bring their laptops (either PC or Mac).  We do not supply devices for playing your media. Many devices do not have VGA ports, so be sure you bring the special adapter so your device will connect to the LCD projector. We encourage you to consult with your college/university media department to verify which adapter to bring with your device or by visiting the device manufacturer website.
  3. If your presentation requires AV equipment/support outside of #1 you will be required to contract with our conference AV provider and will be liable for all labor/equipment costs.  This is prohibitively expensive.
  4. Please Note: most VHS tapes, slide presentations, and other video formats can be transferred to DVD, either for a fee or, sometimes, through your college/universities AV/IT departments.  You can then bring a laptop or portable DVD player with you to play your media.
  5. Internet connection: We will probably be able to supply a WiFi internet connection for presenters, but you should have a back-up plan ready to go in case the network is slow or too busy to provide an adequate connection for your presentation.




3.5 mm Stereo Cable

Advice for preparing to present with AV:

  1. Try out your media ahead of time at the testing station near registration.
  2. Be at your panel early to hook up and test your media.  If multiple people are using AV, consider putting all presentations on one machine to reduce transition time. (Coordinate using email ahead of time!)
  3. Bring your media on a flash drive too in case you need to use someone else’s machine.
  4. Bring necessary printouts/ notes so you can present without AV if there is a problem.
  5. Practice the AV part of your talk. Time your clips and practice queuing them up.


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