Membership and Registration

Welcome to the registration and membership page for the PCA National Conference.  We are using the same system that we used last year, so if you have attended before, it should be familiar.


Registration opens on october 1



MAIL-IN Registration: We much prefer that you use the electronic registration listed above, but if you want to pay by check, you can use the mail-in form 

Please note, as always, there is a $10 processing fee to pay by check.


Registration Rates: 

We have three registration levels for the conference: Presenter, Retired, and Guest (non-presenting attendee).

Early registration opens on October 1
Presenter: Early bird, $150 || Regular rate, $175 || Late rate, $200

Retired: Early Bird: $75 || Regular Rate: $100 || Late Rate: $125

Non-presenting: Guest:  Early Bird, $50 || Regular Rate: $100 || Late Rate: $125

The guest registration option is available only for a one-day pass (24 hours) or for spouses and family members of presenters.  If you are attending the conference for more than one day, are a presenter or a returning member of the Association, you should pay the full conference fee.  Those violating this policy are subject to cancellation of their registration.


Everyone presenting (except undergraduates) must be a member of the Popular Culture Association.  When you register, your membership fee is determined by the journal subscription you select.

Membership level

Journal of Popular Culture: Digital only: $38 || Print and digital: $59 

Journal of American Culture: Digital only $38 || Print and digital: $59 

JPC & JAC Combined subscription: Digital only $69 || Print and digital: $90


Since hosting a conference of PCA/ACA’s size requires substantial commitment of resources far in advance of the conference, refunds may only be granted per the following policy:

Refund Request Date                                              Amount of Registration Fee Refund

Before Jan 1, 2019                                                    100%

Jan 2–Jan 15, 2019                                                     50%

Jan 16–Feb 1, 2019                                                    25%

Feb 2, 2019 and after                                                  0%


Want to join without attending the conference?

Follow the links on our journal pages here.


Reminder – You must register in order to be included in the program. In order to appear in the program and present at the conference, YOU MUST REGISTER and PAY IN ADVANCE.  This will insure that we have fewer no-shows and a better conference.  If you are accepted to present but do not register by the program deadline, you will not be included in the program and may not be able to present at the conference.