Membership and Registration


if you plan on presenting at the conference, please do not pay conference fees until youR proposal is approved by an area chair.  If you try to register before you are accepted, you will only have the option of paying the non-presenter fee.  


In order to attend THE CONFERENCE, present at the conference, or apply for travel grants, you must PAY membership fees and conference fees.

Please read the following information carefully. Failure to follow directions or pay the appropriate fees may result in the cancellation of your conference registration;  you may also be unable to present at the conference. Please also see the Conference Code of Conduct.

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PCA membership/registration costs and deadlines

MAIL-IN Conference Registration: We prefer that you use the electronic registration system, but if you want to pay by check, please contact the PCA Office [execdir@pcaaca.org or 419 372-6859]  and we will send you an invoice. Please note, as always, there is a $10 processing fee to pay by check.

Membership: Everyone attending the conference must be a current, paid member of the Popular Culture Association.  You must also be a paid member to apply for travel grants. 

Your membership fees help the Popular Culture Association operate during the year.  You may choose from the following membership levels:



Level One $50 Basic membership; includes a digital gift subscription to either the JPC or JAC
Level Two $62 Includes a print and digital gift subscription to either the JPC or JAC
Level Three $75 Includes digital gift subscription to both JPC and JAC
Level Four $95 Includes print and digital gift subscriptions to both JPC and JAC 

JPC: The Journal of Popular Culture               JAC: Journal of American Culture

The  PCA membership year runs from October 1 to September 30.  If you join the Association after October 1, you will receive subscription back issues from 10/1 forward.


all deadlines are based on Eastern Time Zone.

Registration: We have three registration levels for the conference: Presenter,Non-presenter, and Retiree.  After you pay your membership fees, your next step is to pay your conference fees. 


  Early bird
Registration by
13 DEC 2019
Registration by
1 jan 2020
begins 2 jan 2020
Presenter $175 $200 $225 (by Feb. 1 to be included in the program) 
non-presenter  $225 $225 $225
retiree $100 (with required documentation)*  $100 (with required documentation)*  $100 (with required documentation)*

* In order to receive the retiree rate, institutional documentation must be provided. For a list of acceptable documents, contact the PCA office at (419) 372-6859.


There is no longer a guest rate;  if you wish to attend the conference as a guest, here is what to do: 1) A presenter can register ONE guest (spouse, family member, friend) during the conference registration process for a minimal fee, or 2) have the guest purchase a day pass for $50 per day (limit two days) on site.  Anyone wanting to attend for more than two days will have to pay the non-presenter rate of $225 plus membership fees.

Reminder – You must register and pay your membership fees by Feb 1 in order to be included in the program.  This will insure that we have fewer no-shows and a better conference.  If you are accepted to present but do not register by the Feb 1 deadline, your name will not be included in the program and you may not be able to present at the conference.


Membership and Journal Access 

If you’re not attending the conference, we’ll miss you!  Please consider joining us next year.  

Pay Membership Fees Only Here 

We are pleased to announce that we have simplified the way in which members access their digital journal subscriptions. If you are an active paid member, you simply need to visit your membership page and click the link under your subscription status. You will be redirected to the Wiley library. No additional logins needed!

PCA endowment and travel support

The Endowment Fund of the Popular Culture Association was established in 1997 as a commitment to the long-term future of the study of popular culture. Each year, the PCA Endowment awards several categories of grants to help cover the expenses associated with travel and participation in our conference. There are also grants awarded to individuals for travel to popular culture collections throughout the U.S. and to institutions to help them build popular culture collections on their own campuses. For additional information and to apply for these grants, please see how to apply for endowment grants.

Donate to the Endowment

To inquire about donating to the endowment, reach out to the Director of the Endowment:

Michael Marsden
Professor of English, American Studies and Media Studies Emeritus
Dean of the College and Academic Vice President Emeritus
St. Norbert College
16 Marquette Drive
Marquette, Michigan 49855

email: mike.marsden@snc.edu

Over the years, the PCA Endowment has granted graduate students, new faculty, international scholars, and others funds to support travel to the National Popular Culture Conference.  The Endowment has also helped build collections and also made it possible for scholars to travel to and use various archives, depositories, and collections.  To continue and increase availability of funds, the PCA Endowment requests funds.  Any monies sent will be placed in the Endowment and will help support travel and scholarship in the future.  If you would like more information about the Endowment or about donating to the Endowment, please contact Michael Marsden at the address above.

The Endowment has four central goals:

  • To develop and sponsor initiatives which encourage scholarship and promote the dissemination of knowledge and new perspectives in Popular Culture Studies and American Culture Studies;
  • To stimulate and support the internationalization of the fields of Popular Culture Studies and American Culture Studies, broadly and inclusively conceived;
  • To encourage the collection and preservation of cultural artifacts and materials needed by scholars and historians for study;
  • To increase professional recognition and public visibility of the Popular Culture Association and the American Culture Association and to enhance the members’ roles as public scholars connected to society and culture.

Giving Categories:
(over a ten-year period)













Ray Browne Society