Special Guest: Mod Betty


Beth Lennon (also known as Mod Betty®) is the creative mind behind Retro Roadmap® Roadbook series, based on her popular travel website RetroRoadmap.com / the online source for “Cool Vintage Places & Retro Fun!”

A “Jane of All Trades,” she has written for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, crowd-funded and starred in the online Retro Roadmap® video series, hostessed vintage weekends and delivered presentations both serious and silly, across multiple states.


Retro Roadmap 

Mod Betty created the Retro Roadmap to help visitors easily discover the “cool vintage places” that have stood the test of time while still retaining their authentic charm. (Grand)mom and (grand)pop shops, diners, theaters, downtowns, motels and events that give you that “stepped back in time” feeling as soon as you step inside. The map includes many treasures that you can visit while in Philadelphia, including Ritner Street, Abington Pharmacy, Oscar’s Tavern, and The Tower Theater

Wednesday Evening, 4/15/20

6:30 P.M.  Salons E & F