Special Guest: Richard Greene


Richard Greene is a serious collector of matchcovers and match-related artifacts. His collection includes over 250,000 matchcovers and matchbooks, organized in over 120 categories. He has been interviewed on CBS Sunday Morning about the design aspects and relevance of matchcovers as a reflection of popular culture in America.

His unique presentation takes you on a guided journey into the booming trend of “tiki culture” as entertainment and art appreciation to demonstrate the wide range of possible topics that matches present for academic study. This single category is a fun way to enter into a serious look at these fascinating artifacts as being worthy of acquisition and preservation.

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Richard Greene is a graphic designer and marketing executive with a degree in Visual Communications. With over 35 years in the graphic arts, he brings a practiced eye and unique appreciation to the field of popular culture. As an avid collector of many different pop culture collectibles since childhood, he delights in exploring  the correlations and interconnectivity of many diverse mediums. In the process, he has amassed significant collections of illustrated books, magazines of all types and genres (including paperbacks, comics, comix, and pulps), tiki-culture artifacts, and many forms of advertising ephemera and memorabilia. To share his experience and joy of discovery, he has produced over 30 exhibitions of pop culture artifacts for South Jersey Libraries. Mr. Greene is currently Creative Director for Brooklyn-based Gryphon Books, publisher of Paperback Parade: The Magazine for Paperback Readers and Collectors, and maintains a private practice as a designer of publications and identity graphics. As a collector of American illustration art, Greene deals in the buying and selling of original art of many leading American cover artists and cartoonists. He is also an Associate Member of the National Cartoonist Society, and publicity officer for the Rathkamp Matchcover Society, the oldest and largest club for collectors of matchcovers and match-related artifacts. 

Thursday, 4/16/20

11:30 A.M   ROOM 303