Featured Speaker: Mod Betty

Get Your Kicks on Route 66 with Retro Roadmap’s Mod Betty


Hit the highway with Retro Roadmap’s Mod Betty as she takes you on a virtual tour of Route 66 to celebrate the 95th anniversary of this historic road. 

Presented with her trademark passion, enthusiasm and entertainment, Mod Betty (in real life, author Beth Lennon) shares her roadside faves and finds across eight states, from vintage motels and independent eateries to roadside attractions both old and new.

Putting an emphasis on the “mother” in Mother Road she’ll highlight many of the women-owned, indigenous and minority run businesses along the route, revealing that there’s something for everyone along The Route, not just lovers of classic cars and malt shops.

Whether you’re a fan of historic hotels or gift shop kitsch, posing for photos with roadside giants or stopping at historical markers, you’ll eagerly be making your plans to motor west and Mod Betty will ensure you’ve got plenty of hidden gems and iconic classics to put on your road trip itinerary.