Bartholome Eminent Scholar Award Honoree: Gary Hoppenstand

“The Story of Popular Culture as Story”

Professor Gary Hoppenstand will deliver the Bartholome Lecture, “The Story of Popular Culture as Story,” at the 2022 PCA National Conference.

About the Bartholome Award

The Lynn Bartholome Eminent Scholar Award recognizes significant contributions by a scholar working in a field under the umbrella of Popular or American culture. The award, started in 2015, formalizes our tradition of honoring scholarly work at the PCA. The award honors Lynn Bartholome, longest serving president of both the PCA and combined PCA/ACA. She has also served the organization as an area chair, board member, and board treasurer. Currently she serves as the first full-time Executive Director of the Association.

About Professor Hoppenstand

Gary Hoppenstand

Gary Hoppenstand is a Professor in the Department of English at Michigan State University. He also served as the Secretary for Academic Governance at MSU. Hoppenstand’s major research areas are genre and narrative studies in popular fiction, graphic novels, film. and television. He has published twenty-four books, including nine scholarly reprint editions of classics novels for Signet Classics and Penguin Classics, and over sixty scholarly articles on topics ranging from popular culture studies, to literary studies, to media studies.

His last book, Perilous Escapades: Dimensions of Popular Adventure Fiction, published in 2018, features an anthology of his essays on classic adventure literature. Hoppenstand’s early work, as editor of the periodical, Midnight Sun, was nominated twice for the prestigious “World Fantasy Award,” and his Popular Fiction: An Anthology (Longman) won the Popular Culture Association’s John G. Cawelti Award for the Best Textbook/Primer category in 1997. As the series editor of the six-volume World Encyclopedia of Popular Culture, he was the recipient of the Ray and Pat Browne Award for  for the Reference/Primary Source Work category (2007). He is a former Area Chair, Vice-President, and President of the national Popular Culture Association, and he served for eleven years as the editor of The Journal of Popular Culture, the most widely read and cited peer-reviewed scholarly journal in its field in the world. He has won several top scholarly honors from the national Popular Culture Association—including “The Governing Board Award” in 2008 (“for his contributions to popular culture studies and the Popular Culture Association”). At Michigan State University, he has won the College of Arts & Letters 2008 “Paul Varg Alumni Award for Faculty” (“in recognition of outstanding teaching and scholarly achievement”), and Michigan State University’s 2008 “Distinguished Faculty Award” (“in recognition of outstanding contributions to the intellectual development of the University”). He is considered a top national and international academic expert in the theoretical study of popular literature and entertainment media culture.

The Hoppenstand Collection at the Ray and Pat Browne Popular Culture Library

Dr. Gary Hoppenstand has given the Browne Popular Culture Library of Bowling Green State University an extraordinary collection of British and American adventure fiction. The collection contains nearly one thousand monographs and features rare, first edition classics from the late Victorian and Edwardian periods and the early twentieth century.