Diversity Series

PCA is proud to announce Deni Chamberlin (Iowa State University), Adrien Sebro (University of Austin at Texas), and Dustin Takmahkera (University of Oklahoma) are our 2023 Diversity Speakers at the upcoming PCA Conference (April 5-8 in San Antonio, Texas). These mid-career scholars have greatly enriched our scholarly work regarding issues of gender and race. These speakers were selected by the PCA’s Diversity Advisory Committee and their invitations approved by the PCA Governing Board.  


“Dr. Chamberlin’s, Dr. Sebro’s, and Dr.  Takmahkera’s significant contributions in education and their outstanding service promoting diversity and inclusion have furthered the study of Popular and American culture in so many positive ways.”  - PCA President, Sue Matheson


Deni Chamberlin                                Adrien Sebro                                     Dustin Tahmahkera


Deni Chamberlin

Deni Chamberlin is an associate professor of journalism at Iowa State University, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist and the Director of Photography at the Food & Environment Reporting Network. She has more than 20 years of experience as a newspaper and magazine photojournalist and has worked for many publications throughout the world, including TIME Magazine, The Economist, GEO, The New York Times Sunday Magazine and National Geographic.  

Following graduation with degrees in English and Journalism, Deni worked at the Denver Post for four years before moving to Poland to begin a freelance career behind the Iron Curtain. A couple of years later the Berlin Wall fell and she spent the next decade covering the reintegration of Europe for many international publications. 


In 2002 Deni returned to the States to pursue an M.F.A. in art and since 2005 has been teaching photojournalism and visual communication at Iowa State University. She has also taught in Italy, Poland, and Ukraine – where she was a Fulbright Scholar from 2016-17. 


In addition to authoring two books, Między Wami Polakami and Kalingrad, her photographs are held in private and public collections including the Portland Museum of Art, Harry Ranson Center and the Kinsey Institute. 


Over the years, much of Deni’s work has focused on immigrant and marginalized communities abroad and in the U.S. Her current work examines the intersectionality of identities, with an emphasis on gender. 


Adrien Sebro

Adrien Sebro is an assistant professor of media studies at the University of Texas at Austin.  

He specializes in critical media studies at the intersections of comedy, gender, and Black popular culture.  


Adrien is currently completing his first book manuscript with Rutgers University Press, Scratchin’ and Survivin’: Hustle Economics and the Black Sitcoms of Tandem Productions, which explores a production history of Black economics in the all-Black cast sitcoms of Tandem Productions: Sanford and Son (1972-1977), Good Times (1974-1979), and The Jeffersons (1975-1985). 


​Dustin Tahmahkera

Dustin Tahmahkera (Comanche) is a parent of four beautiful children, playwright of Comanche-centric theater, and professor of Native American cultural studies at the University of Oklahoma. As a writer and scholar of Indigenous sound, film, and theatre, he authored the books Tribal Television: Viewing Native Peoples in Sitcoms (University of North Carolina Press) and Cinematic Comanches: The Lone Ranger in the Media Borderlands (University of Nebraska Press). He recently consulted on the feature film Prey, interviewed about Comanche history for Ken Burns’ new film The American Buffalo, and co-wrote and narrated a TED-Ed film about his ancestor, the Comanche chief Quanah Parker. Tahmahkera’s short play 9-1-1 Comanchería, starring a Comanche man who challenges a west Texas town’s 1970s centennial celebration, received both the best play and audience favorite awards at Native Voices at the Autry’s play festival in Los Angeles. 9-1-1 Comanchería is part of a series of original short plays for Tahmahkera’s manuscript “Comanche vs. the World.” He currently serves as a Mellon-funded Generation Now Fellow with the Autry and the Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis for his new play “Comanche Girl on the Moon,” inspired by his daughter and the art and stories of his late auntie Juanita Pahdopony. After attending his first PCA conference as a grad student at Bowling Green State University, Tahmahkera looks forward to returning in 2023.