Schedule Information

Creating the PCA conference schedule is a complex process in which we schedule your panels and PCA-sponsored events throughout the fours days of the event. We are pleased to share the preliminary schedule with you at this time.

If you have concerns, please email your area chair. If you are showing up unregistered or “nonpresenting” and that status is incorrect, please contact us right away. We ask the area chairs to coordinate inquiries about the schedule. We cannot guarantee that you will present precisely when you are currently scheduled, but we do our best to keep you very close to the current time. Please leave yourself some leeway in your travel plans.

Last, in the early days of the schedule’s public premiere, our web server is often overwhelmed as everyone logs in at once. Please be patient or check back a bit later. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

TIP: if you look at just your subject area, the system will load more quickly.


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