Schedule for Friday, April 19

9:45am to 11:15am

Awkward, Insecure…and Winning! An Interactive Session Unpacking Issa Rae’s Presentation of Authentic Black Entertainment in the HBO Series, Insecure.

Black Popular Culture—Special Topic 2020
Round table
Adria Goldman
Adria Goldman, Joanna L. Jenkins, Andre Nicholson, LaRONDA SANDERS-SENU

New Approaches to Dance Pedagogy

Dance & Dance Culture
Jen Atkins
PresentersPresentation type
Unexpected Applications: Dance Competition Judging as the Perfect Setting for the use of Constitutive Rhetoric
Madeline Kurtz
Dancing Through Brazil: Experiential Learning in a Study Abroad Course
Simone Ferro
NeuroKinetic Therapy: Honoring the Narrative of the Body
Susan Haines
Creative work
Teaching Dance Using Zombie Apocalyspe Survival Strategies
Nicole Yvette McClam

Reality, Imagination, and Memory in Detection

Mystery & Detective Fiction
PresentersPresentation type
“Shall I Project a World?”: Joycean Nighttowns in Postmodern Mystery Novels
Kevin Farrell
Memory’s Many Drafts: Witness and Psychology of Mind in Crime Fiction Post-45
Kylene Noelle Cave
The Past and Detective Fiction
Varad Mehta

Television, Social Media, Vlogs, Activism, and Secular Humanism

Undergraduate Sessions
Tess Pierce
PresentersPresentation type
White Supremacy? Representations of Race in “This Is Us”
Natalie Rose Irwin
Bitch, White Trash Hillbilly, Dumb Blonde: Feminist Icons on TV.
Kayla Cook
Fan Power: Reviving “The Room” Through Social Media
Rachel Thompson
Getting Branded: Virtual Identities in Vlogs
Monica Donnelly
The Fight for our Future: Online Activism
Madeleine Riley
Good without God: Secular Humanism as a Tool of Persuasion
Hannah Bourke

Lovin’ You on My Mind:  Theorizing the Concept

Jayashree Kamble
PresentersPresentation type
Love to Teach You: Pedagogical Reflections on Alisha Rai (Hate to Love You) and Alyssa Cole (An Extraordinary Union)
Eric Murphy Selinger
Romantic Love, Constructivist Functionalism and Systematic Racism.
Jaspal Gharu
Explaining the Appeal of Popular Romance Novels in Aesthetic Terms
Jessica Miller
Idyllic Escapes and Ideal Theory: What Romance Novel Settings Can Tell Us About What’s Wrong With The Real World
Matthew Hoffman
Sara Kolmes

Popular Culture Textbook Publishing 

Professional Development
Round table
Layla Milholen
Layla Milholen, Vijay Shah, Kristen Rudisill, Stephen Ryan, Charles Anthony Coletta

American Literature V: Narrative, Intertexts, and Genre Fiction

American Literature
Corey Taylor
PresentersPresentation type
Posthumous Postmodern: (Un)dead Narration in Vonnegut and Saunders
Sean Keck
Hypertext, Technotext, Intertext: Multi-POV Narratives and the Disruption of the ‘Traditional’ Narrator 
Jeremy C Justus
Blackford Oakes: Leading Good Guy in the Spy Novels of William F. Buckley Jr.
Bill Meehan

Children’s and YA Literature and Culture VII: Classic Stories Reexamined and Reimagined

Children’s and YA Literature and Culture
Cassandra Grosh
PresentersPresentation type
Exploring Reality and the Gender Binary in Little Women’s “The P.C. and the P.O.”
Shannon Murphy
Tea Parties in the Caribbean?: Post-Colonial and Feminist Approaches to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Celia Margarita Ayala Lugo
A Cold Legacy: Megan Shepherd’s Twenty-First Century YA Adaptation of Frankenstein
Melanie A. Marotta
Queering the Crown: An Exploration of LGBTQ Royal Characters in Children’s and YA Literature
Amie Doughty

GAME STUDIES 13: Playing with Politics (We are in DC).

Game Studies
Matthew Wysocki
PresentersPresentation type
Spider-Man vs. Fake News: Creating Diegetic Immersion and Intra-Diegetic Immersion in a Game Environment in the Era of President Trump
Kyle Moody
“Hateful Games: White Supremacist Recruitment in Online Video Game Culture”
Megan Amber Condis
“Collateral damage is to be expected.”: Politics during The Plague in Tom Clancy’s The Division
Matthew Wysocki

Fandom Studies:Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going?

Fan Culture & Theory
Round table
Katherine Larsen
Lincoln Geraghty, Victoria Godwin, Lynn S Zubernis, Ranjit Arab


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