Schedule for Friday, April 19

9:45am to 11:15am

Popular Culture Textbook Publishing 

Professional Development
Round table
Layla Milholen
Layla Milholen, Vijay Shah, Kristen Rudisill, Stephen Ryan, Charles Anthony Coletta

American Literature V: Narrative, Intertexts, and Genre Fiction

American Literature
Corey Taylor
PresentersPresentation type
Posthumous Postmodern: (Un)dead Narration in Vonnegut and Saunders
Sean Keck
Hypertext, Technotext, Intertext: Multi-POV Narratives and the Disruption of the ‘Traditional’ Narrator 
Jeremy C Justus
Blackford Oakes: Leading Good Guy in the Spy Novels of William F. Buckley Jr.
Bill Meehan

Tolkien Studies 5: Digital Humanities and Tolkien Praxis Roundtable

Tolkien Studies
Round table
Sarah Coates
William Fliss, Maria Alberto, Alicia Fox-Lenz, Sarah Coates

GAME STUDIES 13: Playing with Politics (We are in DC).

Game Studies
Matthew Wysocki
PresentersPresentation type
Spider-Man vs. Fake News: Creating Diegetic Immersion and Intra-Diegetic Immersion in a Game Environment in the Era of President Trump
Kyle Moody
“Hateful Games: White Supremacist Recruitment in Online Video Game Culture”
Megan Amber Condis
“Collateral damage is to be expected.”: Politics during The Plague in Tom Clancy’s The Division
Matthew Wysocki

Fandom Studies:Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going?

Fan Culture & Theory
Round table
Katherine Larsen
Lincoln Geraghty, Victoria Godwin, Lynn S Zubernis, Ranjit Arab

Science & Pop Culture II: Immersive Space(s): Encounters with Outer Space in Popular Culture

Science & Popular Culture
PresentersPresentation type
“Seeing is Believing: Chesley Bonestell and the Moon Pre-Apollo”
Lois Rosson
“Getting Light Together”: Nostalgia, Community, and the Future in the Laserium
Katherine S Boyce-Jacino
“Spend a Day in Outer Space”: Everyone is an Astronaut at U.S. Space Camp
Emily A. Margolis

Civil War and Reconstruction VI: Veterans after War

Civil War & Reconstruction
Michael Frawley
PresentersPresentation type
The Lost Cause and the Rhetorical Construction of Southern Identity
R. Brandon Anderson
“Both in a Business and Social Way”: Reconciliation, Patronage, Fraternalism, and the St. Louis Veterans of the Blue and Gray
Amy Laurel Fluker
A Fight Worth Having: The Public Struggle over Civil War Pensions in Postwar America
Steven Sodergren

Telling the story: constructing illness narratives in fiction, memoir, and film

Health, Humanities, and Popular Culture
PresentersPresentation type
Ruling the Text: Establishing Authority in Elissa Washuta’s My Body is a Book of Rules
Caroline Zuckerman
When “nerves” are real: talking back to patriarchal power in Miriam Toews’s novel, Women Talking.
Sabrina Reed
From Hired Help to Family Drama: How Popular Films Represent Caregiving
Brooke Dagnan
Jessica Elton

New Approaches to Dance Pedagogy

Dance & Dance Culture
Jen Atkins
PresentersPresentation type
Unexpected Applications: Dance Competition Judging as the Perfect Setting for the use of Constitutive Rhetoric
Madeline Kurtz
Dancing Through Brazil: Experiential Learning in a Study Abroad Course
Simone Ferro
NeuroKinetic Therapy: Honoring the Narrative of the Body
Susan Haines
Creative work
Teaching Dance Using Zombie Apocalyspe Survival Strategies
Nicole Yvette McClam

Transgressing Gendered Boundaries

Gender Studies
PresentersPresentation type
Current Perceptions of Gender Inclusivity among Female Arkansas Police Officers
Sarah West
Adultery and Angry Men: Affect and Accumulation in Mademoiselle Giraud, ma femme
Ryan Pilcher
Transgressing Gendered Boundaries: Kristin Beck’s Autobiography Warrior Princess
Mareike Spychala