Faith, Physics, and Fabulism: Girlhood Poems and the Search for Meaning

Sally Rosen Kindred
Independent Scholar

The poems in my current manuscript, Where the Wolf, consider coming-of-age in terms of a young woman’s search for meaning, her understanding of herself and her breaking/broken family, and their role in her evolving world view. That perspective is defined in terms of dynamic, unstable notions of faith and science. What’s surprised me most about writing these poems is the way fabulist elements have arrived in them and flowered, and the kinds of work they’ve done. These elements hold space for, and sometimes begin to embody, attempted relationships to God and the universe. They also help imagine and clarify the poems’ treatment of anxiety, grief, desire, and forgiveness, as well as the potential for growth and becoming. Their strangeness—particularly within the context of the familiar, but awe-inspiring, natural world—allows the poems to raise questions that I didn’t know I had.

2020 National Conference
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Creative work