Kyndra Knight

Psychology - Jefferson Community and Technical College


Students enrolled in a developmental psychology course often experience challenges when trying to conceptualize the perspectives and theories of human development. Using Wonder Woman, the movie released in June 2017, my objective is to describe the five characteristics of development that explain all phases of life and conceptualize sociocultural theory in a panel discussion with Jane Peters, Laura Dearing and Mary Jackson.

Wonder Woman first appeared in the DC comic books in July 1942 then on the Saturday morning cartoon the Super Friends in September of 1973; in November 1975, Linda Carter portrayed Wonder Woman/Diana Prince in the television series these incarnations of Wonder Woman demonstrated unimaginable intellect, physical strength, and courage. When she leaves Paradise Island to join mankind, her mission was to promote peace and justice; a belief inspired by her Utopian heritage.

In her most recent incarnation Diana from Themyscira tells her story to the current generation. What fascinates me about her DCEU(DC extended universe) origin story despite her unimaginable intellect and strength, when faced with choice to end the Great War or to destroy mankind and create a forced Utopia it is not her strength and duty as an amazon but her belief in mankind that propels her to use her greatest power of all, love.

Using Wonder Woman’s origin story from the DCEU(DC extended universe) and a developmental lifespan and sociocultural psychological perspective, I will describe how knowledge and strength intersect with culture and the developing self across the lifespan.

2018 National Conference
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