Signing up for an account

If you attended the 2016 conference, you already have an account on the website. To gain access to your account, simply enter the email address you provided when you submitted your presentation.

If you’re new to PCA/ACA, or if you were a member before 2016, but did not attend the 2016 conference in Seattle, you need a new account. Creating one is very easy, you just need a working email address.

After signing up you’ll be immediately logged in to the website, but you’ll still need to verify your identity by following the instructions you’ll receive via email. When you complete the verification step you’ll be allowed to edit your personal profile, submit a proposal to the conference, and register for the conference.

If you don’t receive your verification email, please let us know.

We recommend not creating new accounts if you already have one. This helps us keep all your information in one place, and prevents future misunderstandings. If you think you have more than one account on the website, please let us know and we’ll solve the issue for you.