How to add or remove an area chair

Note: This process is available to site administrators only


Adding an area chair

First, give the new area chair the area chair “role” within the system
This gives the user the standard area chair permissions.

- Go to the “People” menu and search for the user you’re editing, click “edit” on their account.

- Under “Roles” check “area chair”

- click “save”


Second, assign the new area chair to administer their area
This gives the user the permissions to administer papers and sessions for that area.

- Go to the “Dashboard” and click “Overview of areas”

- Click on the name of the area to which you want to add the user as a chair

- Use the “Chair” field to search for the name of the user you want to add

- Click “save”


removing an area chair

To remove an area chair, follow these same steps to remove the “area chair” role and delete the user from the Subject Area chair list.