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Madonna and Michael Marsden International Travel Grant

Madonna and Michael Marsden International Travel Grant

The Madonna and Michael Marsden award supports travel by individuals not resident in the United States, Canada, or Mexico to the national PCA/ACA meeting each year. It also supports travel by US citizens to PCA/ACA international conferences which are held every year. This grant may not be used to travel from Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or Mexico to the contiguous 48 states or vice versa. People seeking funds for such travel should apply for another award.

To be considered for the Madonna and Michael Marsden International Travel Grant, please complete the application process and submit the form below for review by Endowment Director Michael Marsden, no later than November 1, 2018.

For 2019, the Endowment Board has decided to offer fifteen grants of $1,500 each.

Please note that applicants may apply for only one PCA/ACA grant in any given year. Please also note the word limit.

Application Instructions:

Step 1 – Fill out the contact fields below

Step 2 – Paying attention to word count limits, provide answers to the following questions in the text box at the bottom of this form:

  1. Describe and discuss your proposed presentation. Please be as specific as possible. (250 words)

  2. What is the larger intellectual question your paper will address? What is the thesis of your paper? (75 words)

  3. How does your paper advance the study of popular culture? (150 words)