Call for Teaching Materials

PCA works hard to keep the study of popular culture current and innovative.  Share your best syllabi, reading lists and exercises here with members who, like you, enjoy keeping their curriculum inviting and challenging for students.  The more we share, the more all popular culture programs benefit.  Be the first in your Area to contribute!  An advisory board will review submissions to ensure we offer the best models of pedagogy in the field.

We are working on making this resource available. Inquire with VP of Curriculum Cynthia Miller for more information by emailing cynthia_miller@emerson.edu

Please note:  only PCA members may submit and/or access materials.  By submitting your materials you agree to allow other PCAmembers to review, use, and modify your materials in their own teaching.  You maintain your copyright over your material.  You will be asked for a final opt-in before the site goes live once we have a more formal license crafted.

Thanks for sharing!