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2023 PCa COnference travel grant update

In 2023, 85 scholarships will be offered to support travel to the meeting: 20 for graduate students ($500 each), 15 for early-career faculty ($1,000 each), 15 for mid/late-career faculty ($1,000 each), 15 for two-year college faculty ($1,000 each), 10 for international faculty ($1,500 each), and10 for independent scholars ($1,000 each).


Individuals who are members of PCA and in good standing may apply for only one grant in any category per yearly cycle. Applying for more than one grant in a single cycle will disqualify the applicant. Every effort will be made to inform applicants of the status of their applications by mid January 2023. For each of the travel awards for presenting at the national conference, the awards will need to be picked up (with government issued ID) at the conference information desk. All international travel award grants will be paid to the recipient in cash. Please remember that the endowment award process is very competitive; it is not a certainty that you will receive one. Please also investigate other sources of funding to cover your conference expenses. If your institution has professional development funding, you should apply as early as possible.

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History and overview

The Endowment Fund of the Popular Culture Association was established in 1997 as a commitment to the long-term future of study of Popular Culture and American Culture in all of its forms, venues, contexts, and exchanges. Since that first group of contributors made an investment in the future of the organization and its role in priority research and critical inquiry, hundreds of individuals and organizations have contributed and helped to increase the Endowment to its current level of about $1,700,000.


What is distinctive and special about the Endowment is that it incorporates contributions of various levels and reflects broad-based support. An endowment is the hallmark of a professional academic organization which believes its work has substantial cultural significance and impact as well as long-term implications and applications. In 2018 the Endowment disbursed 95 grant awards in over seven categories, totaling $89,000. 



The overall fundraising goal for the Endowment is $2,000,000. This can only be reached by combination of large contributions and a steady flow of smaller amounts pledged over a period of time. Recently, two long time members of the Popular Culture Association have made the PCA Endowment part of their estate planning. Contributions are a confirmation of members’ acknowledgment that the Popular Culture Association has contributed substantially to promoting professional development and status and to providing research opportunities in exciting fields of study. Contributions also express a belief that new initiatives of the organization can only be achieved through such an endowment dedicated to beneficial goals.


The Endowment  has four central goals:

  1. To develop and sponsor initiatives which encourage scholarship and promote the dissemination of knowledge and new perspectives in Popular Culture Studies and American Culture Studies.
  2. To stimulate and support the internationalization of the fields of Popular Culture Studies and American Culture Studies , broadly and inclusively conceived.
  3. To encourage the collection and preservation of cultural artifacts  and materials needed by scholars and historians for study.
  4. To increase professional recognition and the public visibility of the Popular Culture Association and to enhance the members’ roles as public scholars connected to society and culture.


Donate to the Endowment

To inquire about donating to the endowment, reach out to the Director of the Endowment:


Philip Simpson

Eastern Florida State College
[email protected]


Giving Categories:
(over a ten-year period)













Ray Browne Society


Note:  All donors to the Endowment will be appropriately recognizing at the national meeting.