Organizational Awards

Ray and Pat Browne Award for contributions to the popular arts:

This award recognizes significant contributions by a practitioner or institution in Popular Culture. The award, started in 2014, honors the memory of the organization’s founders, Ray and Pat Browne, and continues a long tradition they started of honoring significant figures in Popular Culture. Past recipients include Martin Sheen, John Dykstra, and Doug Jones.


Lynn Bartholome Eminent Scholar Award:

This award recognizes significant contributions by a scholar working in a field under the umbrella of Popular or American culture. The award, started in 2015, formalizes our tradition of honoring scholarly work at the PCA. Those honored are selected by a committee chosen by the President  of the PCA and approved by the PCA Governing Board.  The award honors Lynn Bartholome, longest serving president of both the PCA and combined PCA/ACA. She has also served the organization as an area chair, board member, and board treasurer. Currently she serves as the first full-time Executive Director of the Association. Past recipients include Jane Caputi, David Feldman, Thomas Inge, Susan Koppelman, and Emily Toth.



This award is not given every year and is reserved for those individuals who have made extraordinary, significant, and far-reaching contributions to the Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association. Those honored are selected by a committee chosen by the president of the PCA and approved by the PCA Governing Board. Past recipients include Michael Schoenecke, John Bratzel, Lynn Bartholome, and Michael Marsden.



This award is given annually to an officer, board member, or member (past or present) who has made significant contributions to the PCA-ACA.  Nominations for this award are submitted to and approved by the PCA Governing Board. Past Recipients include Marty Knepper, Gary Hoppenstand, Kathy Merlock Jackson, Doug Noverr, Lynn Bartholome, Diane Calhoun French, and Philip Simpson.



Awards are presented each year at the national conference to two area chairs who have distinguished themselves by their contribution to PCA. Long-service, building participation in their areas, and professionalism are the hallmarks of the winner of these awards. Recipients are selected by a committee composed of the Vice-President of Area Chairs, the President of the PCA, and the Executive Director of the PCA. These awards are named after two former presidents: Felicia Campbell (PCA).and David Sokol (ACA),


PresidentIAL Award:

These awards are given to those individuals who have contributed to the PCA in a variety of ways. Recipients in the past include leaders of the regional and international PCA organizations as well as individuals from business and industry. The awards are determined by the President of the PCA.